What Advice Do Escorts Have For Women?

Escorts have lots of advice for the average woman and that advice is hard earned and the result of lots of experience. The first thing they would advise women is that if you are in a relationship, never take your man for granted, which is a trap that far too many women fall into by accident. It is important that women keep working on the relationship and use their imaginations to ensure that the sex and romance remain sensual and thrilling in the bedroom and that the bedroom should not be the only venue for sex and romance.

Secondly, if the average woman wants to really keep her marriage alive and as sexy and romantic as it was at the start she should make sure to keep herself fit and in shape. She should also work on her make up, hair styling and beauty and she should make sure that she works just as hard on those once she is married as while she was dating and trying to find her ideal man. A woman who wants to keep her man happy so that he does not run around with a high class London escort should not let herself go or get boring and bored. If she does, her man will find the excitement and thrills that he wants in the arms of another woman – probably a working girl.
Thirdly, it is important that women should work hard with their men and communicate openly and fully about their sexual and emotional needs and wants. A smart woman will help her man to be open and honest about his desires, wants, feelings, and needs. Smart men and women do not judge what they are told that their partner really wants in bed or in life. Being judged and rejected by their women is often why male clients spend lots of money and time with women who have sex with them for money.
These professional escorts are beautiful, sensual and sexual women who will not just have as much sex as their male clients want. Professional escorts will also do almost anything sexually that most men want to do in the bedroom. But escorts will also sit and listen to a man and offer him time without judgement or pressure. Men need someone to listen to them and if that is not their romantic partner, it is likely to be another woman who is rented by the hour.
Lastly, women should realise that monogamy is not right for every person or every relationship. But it is also true that double standards and hypocrisy will have a negative effect on any relationship or partnership. If a male is paying for sex with prostitutes or having an affair but expects his partner to be loyal, she should pack her bags and leave. Women who are willing to be sexually and emotionally supportive and open should never put up with lies and deceit from their partner. Naturally, if they do not offer their male partner that support and openness and insist on judging them and denying them what they need, then those women deserve whatever they get.


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