They say that misery loves company. But I have only just recently come to realise what that really means. Think about it for a second and you will realise – as I have – that 95 per cent or even more of the bad stuff that you get involved in comes from just a small number of people. And here is the thing that it has taken me ages to get through my head; the problems that they involve you in are almost never your problem until they start talking to you about them and they are rarely if ever actually serious. They just talk about them over and over again to make them seem bigger and then they try to pass the monkeys to you, so that you can feed and water the little pests while their original owner buggers off and carries on with their lives. Competent people invite other peoples poop because incompetent people are not (necessarily) stupid!

So who just loves doing this shit to themselves? If you run an escort agency such as Allys Angels Ibiza Escorts there will always be issues. And they need dealing with, not talking about. If you have a problem ,make a plan to fix it. Then try it. It might work or if not you might find another solution. It might not be as bad as you think, this is often the case. Doing something often makes you feel better.

I guess it has to be stupid people or people who have very little to do or people who just want to feel really bad. Guess what if you think about bad stuff , guess what you will feel bad stuff. It will enforce your negative view of the world bad stuff will continue to happen and you will get to think about more bad stuff etc. You get my point. I am not suggesting that if you have problems you should say fook it and do nothing or that by simply looking for little birds and bunnies you will find them, but if you don't look for the birds and bunnies you will never find them ever.


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