There are key pieces that fit together like a puzzle to give you a picture of total fitness and health. If you miss any one of them you will not reach your maximum physical potential. And some of them are so important that missing them out will mean that you fail on the other parts. A close friend of mine, for example, spent many years working on their cardio fitness. Particularly, his aerobic capacity through doing nearly sixty miles a week of running, twenty miles of swimming and over a hundred miles of cycling. Then they suffered a herniated vertebrae and while the doctor was treating him and he was going to a physio, he discovered that all those miles and hours had actually caused a problem. His core muscles were under developed and his hamstrings and quads were too tight and short, which meant that while he was staying skinny and lean he was actually breaking himself. A hard lesson that took him six months and huge amounts of steroids and tramadol to recover from.

Now, fitness for an escort might not seem like a key thing other than to make sure that she looks good naked and in the always important photo shoots. And both those things are important. While I am strutting my stuff working with other Malaga escorts I do indeed spend a lot of time naked, both during sex and also while I am just keeping clients company. Men seem to like having beautiful naked women around them while they talk and show off to each other. Who would have guessed? I also have to do photo shoots at least twice a year. They are my shop window and are how the agency bring in my bookings. No photos, no business. Simple as that.

But I also work really long hours under stressful situations, so my fitness needs to be high so that I can keep working through the season. So I make sure that I hit all the bases – resistance work, flexibility, balance, coordination and aerobics. And as far as possible, I never do the same workout twice. I certainly never get into a steady repetitive routine. You cannot make progress that way and you will be courting injury from repetition.


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