In a BDSM relationship, everything is blatantly and explicitly about power, and the exchange of it. The infliction of pain, humiliation, punishment, restraint or whatever is just a tool used to make the relationship explicit. And also, of course, to get the hormones and endorphins rolling and to meet whatever deeply held sexual fantasy either party might have. Contrary to popular opinion and the media, the majority of BDSM or simple S&M relationships are not professional ones between a paid Master or Dominatrix and their clients. The vast majority are between couples that are existing relationships, normally monogamous. In fact, couples engaged in a BDSM relationships find it much harder to cheat than vanilla couples because of the exchange of power that take place during their sex games. If you have committed to being someone's collared slave it is pretty difficult to go and have sex around the place.

Of course, these days with the number of sex shops around, both online and on the high street, pretty much everyone has tried a bit of light bondage and flogging. The appalling and horrid Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy of books and films has helped that along too. Who does not have a set of furry handcuffs in their bedroom somewhere? Or has not tied their partner up and massaged them or tickled them or inflicted some other more direct sexual acts upon their (supposedly) restrained and compliant body? Escort girls in Madrid and professional Dominatrices though are often going to go far beyond that and enter into real power play and power exchange.

Sex for some men is explicitly about power – and most client for escort agencies want to give it up rather than assume it. Which is just as well because there are damned few professional submissives out there. It is just way too dangerous an occupation. There is a frssant of danger if your lover ties you up and gives you a gentle spanking. Imagine the potential terror of a total stranger tying you up in professional restraints and then giving you a proper disciplining? Would they honour your safe word? Scary stuff.


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