Well that is a broad question! And like any question you might ask about a large group, the answer is kind of simple but also a bit complicated. So let me break it down a little. Some female escorts are extremely gay. So that means that no matter who the male client is, they cannot find them attractive or get turned on, right? Errrm, no. Escorts who are lesbians might prefer to work with a couple or with a female client, but that does not necessarily mean that sex with a guy is totally repellent to them. Equally, just because a woman is gay does not mean that she would find every female client attractive. In exactly the same way as a heterosexual female escorts will not find every male client attractive. Human sexuality is just not that simple, thank the Lord!

Think of it as a spectrum. At one end of the scale, some clients are just not going to be found attractive by anyone, male or female. If a client is overweight, with bad breath, poor posture, demonstrate bad manners and are rude and disrespectful, that is probably why they are seeing escorts in the first place. At the other extreme, an A List Hollywood star on a private forty metre yacht who goes out of his way to be courteous, charming and treats the escort girl well, is likely to have little trouble getting a woman turned on. But most clients are somewhere between the two extremes. And apart from the extremes, where they are on the scale will vary from day to day. Escorts vary quite a lot as people too. Some escorts are deliberately dispassionate with clients and are more like horizontal actresses. Other escorts in Marbella love sex in all forms and with all kinds of people. That is why some girls come into the industry, to turn their hobby into a lucrative profession.

Be serious for a second, if you could get paid to have sex with the kind of men that you normally only fantasise, are you saying that you would not say yes in a heart beat? Of course you would! After all, you have been telling your friends that you would happily pay to shag that guy for all these years, haven't you?


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