My first time as an escort did not really feel that strange. My friend from university had taken me on a double date with what turned out to be two middle aged men in a lovely bar in the west end of London. In the loo, she offered me an envelope stuffed with twenty pound notes. After I had nodded and put it in my handbag, my friend explained that it was for all night with the taller of the two men. She had already had a few “dates” with the other guy. She told me it was just like any to her date, except that I was a sure thing. Then she laughed and said “actually that makes it just like any other date you have ever had!”. We were both laughing when we got back to the table where the guys were chatting as they waited. Clients, as I now had to think of them.
The drinks and then dinner went well. My “date” was actually quite charming and we spent a lot of time laughing. He seemed interested in my studies as a would-be archaeologist. And obviously he kept his eyes on me, especially my legs which were showed off quite nicely from under my short black skirt. We went back to his hotel room in one of the nicest hotels in Mayfair and everything progressed as these things do. My first sex as an professional working girl (though I had not quite made that mental leap yet) was extremely vanilla and very pleasant. In fact it was a lot better than most of the dates I had had. All things considered, I could have had far worse first times as a call girl. Having chatted with me and been assured that I was happy, my friend introduced me to the owner of the escort agency she was working with and I spent at least one night each weekend seeing clients and making sure that I never had to worry about my student debt. Come the summer (if you will pardon the pun) the escort agency owner (my madam I suppose) introduced me to an escort agency in Gran Canaria. And that was the start of my extremely lucrative party times in Spain each summer. But that is another story.
Just to go back a little – did I have any issues with being paid to have sex? Not at all. I have always been sexually very active and enjoyed it. As it happens the man who took my professional cherry was charming and good looking. Would it have mattered to me if he had been unattractive and obnoxious? Maybe, but I doubt it. Once I have made my mind u about something I have always stuck to it. But to be fair, in hindsight I was quite lucky.


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