Is The Sex Industry An Industry?

The sex (or sometimes called adult) industry is a massive catch-all expression. Just think for a minute about what it includes. An extremely non-exhaustive list would include: paid for porn sites, free porn sites, porn DVDs, video clip web sites, cam girls (and guys), chat rooms, magazines, massage parlours, lap dancing clubs, strip clubs, gentlemen's clubs, brothels, street walkers, dominatrices, BDSM clubs, BDSM dungeons, fetish parties, swinger parties, escort parties, photography clubs, photographers, sex toys web sites, sex shops, condom manufacturers, fetish models, vintage porn, vintage sex toys, sex toy manufacturers, mail order catalogues, smutty books sold on Amazon and in book shops. And escort agencies. Which is where I fit in. Mainly, though I am involved in several of
blond escort girl in tight lacy nightdress showing her buttocks
the others as well. And no, I am not telling you which. At least not just yet.

And yet people lump all of those different things together as though they were in some way the same or directly connected. And they really are not. Except in the sense that at some point they are all involved in sexual arousal and (potentially) in orgasms. I suppose you could take the line from Risky Business and say that they are in the business of human fulfilment. But that is like lumping point to point horse racing in with the manufacturing of Seat Ibizas under the heading of transport. It is just about logical in a sense, but not in the real world. Escort agencies are, or should be, about discretion and beautiful women – the kind that most men would want on their arm at a social event. They may only book them for sex, but that is the type of woman. Escort agencies that are run well, such as by the team that own would never promote some street walker drug addict. But God bless the ladies that do that kind of hard and dangerous work.

Likewise, porn stars actually do not do that well in the escort market. They are a niche for hard core porn fans, in the same way as kinksters need a Mistress. Cam girls normally do not want to be escorts and do not make good ones when they try. Lap dancers, though, because they have people skills and in many cases have been offering “extras” anyway tend to transition into being escorts very well. And very few escorts could do porn well. I guess what I am saying is that the sex industry is not a single industry at all, and that there is a lot less cross over than you might imagine.  


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